NGI Gold

NGI Gold is a comprehensive insurance cover for your car, at highly competitive rates and enhanced benefits. It provides total protection for you and your car in case of accidents. Apart from complete protection, there are a host of benefits accompanied with this product.

Normal Comprehensive

Normal Comprehensive Motor Insurance plan protects you, your car and the passengers along with the Third Party liabilities in the event of an accident. Our top quality garages ensure that the quality of car servicing you get is always high standard.

Third Party

Third Party is a strategically designed Motor Insurance plan that protects you against the cost of third party personal injury and property damage liabilities caused in case of an accident where the fault is determined to be your own.

Agreed Value GAP

If your vehicle is classed as a Total Loss by your motor insurance underwriter, then our Agreed Value GAP policy will pay the financial shortfall between the agreed value and insured value of your vehicle up to the sum insured. It also protects you against the future depreciation of your vehicle.

Smart Repair

Smart Repair Insurance is designed to help you to keep your vehicles looking as good as the day you bought them in showroom condition to protect its residual value by covering the repair cost of any minor cosmetic damages it sustains.