Individual Yacht


We provide insurance for all sizes of Yachts including Super Yacht/Mega Yacht for boat owners requirements. Our policy covers loss or damage to Hull and Machineries / equipment’s of your Yacht and protects your liabilities toward third parties. We cover your Yacht whilst in Marina or ashore or during navigation and whilst in transit on land / trailers. Additional covers include Uninsured Boater Coverage.  Personal Accident also can be provided for Crew on optional basis.


Key Covers

  • Hull & Machinery
  • Equipment on Board.
  • Third Party Liabilities.
  • Pollution Spill
  • Uninsured Boater Coverage.
  • Personal Accident for Crew.

Insuring Your Onshore Energy Activities

Disclaimer :

Please note that the above cover description is for information and does not represent the full coverage. For any clarification or information request, please contact National General Insurance Company Customer Service Desk.