To pursue a reputation of Excellence and Trust.


To provide total insurance solutions and superior services to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Core Values


Deliver high levels of service to customers via our Head Office, Branches, online and on mobile apps


Practice non-discriminatory policies that support fair and responsible insurance practices.


Ensure the confidentiality and privacy of customers’ information is respected at all times.


Comply with the UAE Laws & regulations and the regulations stipulated by the Insurance Authority


Provide customers with clear, relevant and timely information about the products and services.

NGI Values

We are a value driven company. We strive to develop products that offer value to our customers. And we measure our success as employees by our ability to incorporate five core values into everything we do:

1. Diversity

We embrace the differences among our customers and our employees and provide diverse solutions and an environment which allows people to play to their individual strengths

2. Respect

We promote an environment where both internal and external customers feel respected at all times

3. Integrity

We act ethically and honestly as a matter of course and because we want to – not just when we have to

4. Value Addition

Every action we make and decision taken in our business will be with the purpose of adding value

5. Empowerment

We promote continuous improvement by empowering our people


Our values are supported by our four non-negotiable behaviors which we try to display in every area of our work;


We act with a commitment that comes from knowing that the things we do impact lives inside and outside the company


We take ownership for what happens in our business and the decisions we make which affect it


We take time to recognise achievements and what each individual contributes to our shared success


We make sure that we are effective in what we do so that the way in which we work always results in the best outcome for our customers, partners, employees and shareholders