Notification from National General Insurance Company PJSC

Description: National General Insurance Company (P.J.S.C.) “NGI” notes the published press release regarding the deal to sell ENBD shares, 21.53% of the issue Share of NGI to Dubai Investment. The aggregate ownership of Dubai Investment in NGI has reached a total of 29.99% of the issued shared capital of NGI.

Circular From SCA regarding uncollected dividend

Kindly be informed that SCA has decided to postpone the transfer of profits not received by Shareholders to the Authority’s account until the date of December 31, 2021, in order to allow companies to pay the largest possible amount of profits to their shareholders who are entitled to distributions of profits before March 1, 2015, therefore, All companies are required to continue Disbursement of profits to its eligible shareholders and those who applied for it, in accordance with the procedures in force in this regard, and the companies should delivers monthly to the Authority reports on cash profits that are distributed during the month and approved by the CEO or general manager of the company (even in the event that no profits are paid during the month).