General Third-Party Liability

This policy cover business against financial loss where the insured is held legally liable to pay compensation for accidental death or bodily injury of any third party person or accidental damage to third party property arising as a result of your business operations during the policy period. This policy can either be taken for a specific project or on an annual basis.

Cyber Liability

NGI’s Cyber Liability insurance is specifically designed for situations where business systems are breached or hacked. In case of physical theft of electronic data or hard copy files, procedural errors or fraud, you may incur costly containment and repair expenses considering the risk of lawsuits brought on by third parties. This insurance policy protects you against these kinds of Cyber Liability risks.

Employers Liability

Employers liability insurance is designed to protect employers against claims arising outside of the Workers’ Compensation insurance. The product also covers the compensation amount and legal costs if an employee, or an ex-employee, claims compensation for a work-related illness or injury.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

This policy offers indemnity for an amount which you are held legally liable to pay as compensation for damages arising from claims made against you during the period of insurance in respect of negligence in the conduct of your professional practice. This policy is normally purchased by designers and consultants and can be incepted either for a specific project or on an annual basis.

Directors Officers Liability

D&O insurance policies offer liability cover for company managers to protect them from claims which may arise from the decisions and actions taken within the scope of their regular duties. D&O coverage includes financial protection for managers against the consequences of actual or alleged “wrongful acts”. Such law suits can be filed by stakeholders like shareholders, competitors, customers, creditors, financial institutions, regulators, employees etc. Policies cover the personal liability of company directors but also the reimbursement of the insured company in case it has paid the claim of a third party on behalf of its managers in order to protect them. Coverage is usually for current, future and past directors and officers of a company and its subsidiaries.

Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

This policy offers cover for employees as per the provisions of UAE Labour Law No.8 of 1980 covering work related accident and occupational diseases. All employees are required to be covered under this Policy including the top management. This policy is normally incepted on an annual basis and can be extended to include cover for Employer’s Liability as per Shariah / Common Law