CEO Dr. Abdul Zahra A. Ali honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award – Management

CEO Dr. Abdul Zahra A. Ali honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award - Management

It gives us a great privilege to announce that our CEO Dr. Abdul Zahra A. Ali was honored with the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD – MANAGEMENT in the annual Insuretek Awards Ceremony held at the Dusit Thani Hotel last night in Dubai.

The main stay of NGI since 1998 Dr. Abdul Zahra the Insurance & Reinsurance expert being a vital part of the industry for the last 48 years. Having worked in Iraq, Yemen and now in UAE, Dr. Abdul Zahra has seen the evolvement of the sector and played a key role in its development. He evolved NGI and built it as one of the Top 10 Insurance companies in the UAE with his leadership and management skills.

Speaking at the awards ceremony last night, Dr. Abdul Zahra thanked the organizers for the honor bestowed, appreciated & thanked the UAE Government and Dubai Authorities for the vaccination programmes provided to the citizens and residents without which this gathering of the awards ceremony which included profiled executives from the Insurance fraternity wouldn’t have been possible.

Dr. Abdul Zahra also stated “UAE is a vibrant, dynamic, professional and highly competitive market. The growth in the UAE Insurance Sector is because of the maintained regulations and guidelines issued by the UAE Insurance Authority which I am proud off” at the same time he also mentioned “I am expecting to witness more improvements and development in the Insurance sector with the merger of UAE Insurance Authority with the Central Bank”.

We the staff of NGI congratulate our CEO Dr. Abdul Zahra A. Ali on this prestigious occasion of him receiving the honor and wish that NGI will scale to newer heights under his guidance and leadership.