Businesses and companies need some kind of safety to manage their financial risks arising due to customer defaults. NGI has partnered with Coface one of the leading global trade credit insurance provider to give you the best trade credit insurance solution.

NGI’s trade credit insurance provides safety, security and peace of mind to grow and expand the business. We offer cover for both domestic and export trade transactions. Our insurance includes 3 core elements of credit management: Information, Indemnification and Collection.

Information –Risk attached to your customer

Indemnification –Prompt payment of claims

Collection –Managing the debt collection process.

Fire and Allied Perils

Fire and Allied Perils covering loss of damage to the property insured caused by the named perils such as Fire, Lightning, Burglary, Explosion/Implosion, Aircraft Damage, Impact Damage, Storm, Tempest, Flood, Inundation, Riot, Strike and Civil Commotion.

Computer Crime

The Electronic and Computer Crime Insurance Policy of NGI provides comprehensive solution by offering variety of benefits that suits the needs of the institutions and organizations thus helping them in getting protection against unforeseen electronic crimes and incidents.

Cyber Liability

NGI’s Cyber Liability insurance is specifically designed for situations where business systems are breached or hacked. In case of physical theft of electronic data or hard copy files, procedural errors or fraud, you may incur costly containment and repair expenses considering the risk of lawsuits brought on by third parties. This insurance policy protects you against these kinds of Cyber Liability risks.

Cancellation of Events

Our Event Cancellation insurance policy provides coverage against loss resulting from the cancellation of the insured event. This policy is designed to respond to almost any unexpected circumstance that necessitates the cancellation, abandonment, interruption, postponement or relocation of the event.

Hotel Comprehensive

Hotel Comprehensive a package policy issued mainly to the hotel establishments where various insurance lines are bundled such as property, business interruption, fidelity, money, electronic equipment, machinery breakdown, legal liability to third party, goods in transit, deterioration of stocks and workmen’s compensation to offer one stop solution to the business.

Group Life

Group Life secures a group of people against untimely Death or Accident/Sickness under a single contract called Master Policy. We require at least 11 people who are employees of a business organization, members of an association or any group under a single contract to be eligible for Group Life.

Group Travel

Travel insurance is necessary to protect yourself and your finances against the unexpected. NGI’s group travel insurance can cover up to 10 people under one policy. They’re not just for travelling with extended family but also colleagues and friends – as long as your group is travelling together, it can cover whoever.